Data Viz | 2017

Data Visualization with D3.js

D3.js visualizations made for various courses

Visualizing health and loneliness among aging Americans

For my studio assignment on visualizing health data, I explored data visualizing the impact of loneliness among aging Americans. I overlaid two data sets to answer the question of how funding for home-based care impacted the overall healthcare spending on nursing homes. I wanted to investigate whether increasing support for Aging in Place, home and community based services (HCBS) could reduce overall aging expenditures, and how different states handled the process.

D3 slider and data selector

For a class assignment using World Cup statistics, I created a visualization that scrubs through multiple years of data to display the selected metric of interest.

D3 sorting and keying

This visualization makes use of D3's built in sorting methods using data about top coffee house chains.

D3 Brush & Zoom

This visualization uses UK household food expenditure data to show a stacked area chart that can be filtered by time with a brush & zoom method.

Leaflet.js and Hubway API

This map uses Leaflet.js to generate a map and overlay data about the availability of Boston's Hubway bikes using their API. (Exciting to learn a little about using maps!)

Split-Matrix diagram

This visualization uses a custom SVG shape to generate a split-matrix diagram based on bi-dimensional data provided to my class about a famous Florentine family's involvements in politics.

Where Did All the Time Go?is a basic interactive visualization UPenn's Information Design class, mapping the time I spent across all of my activities in college, broken down by organizations. The data is extracted from a Google Calendar using the GCal2Excel tool. I was inspired by the personal data collection of Nick Felton.