Miscellaneous | 2017

Fun with Fabrication

3D printing, laser cutting, wood/metal shop, and other craft projects

Laser-cut on acrylic with LED-strip

Laser-cut on acrylic with LED-strip, featuring a hand-vectored illustration of my favorite character, Mameshiba

My first Rhino model + 3D print of a small cat

This cat is humble, but it is the culmination of a crash course in Rhino modeling and my first foray into any sort of modern fabrication at all. Rhino is a remarkably unintuitive software.

3D-printed fidget spinner, modeled in Rhino and printed on the Makerbot

The ball bearings were press-fitted, including one done by force which resulted in a little cracking. For future versions, I would add in a ridge so that the material has more give for the relatively tight fit.

It also glows in the dark.

This is what dreams are made of.