Product Design | 2015

Ovatemp: Tracking Fertility and Female Health

How can we understand and manage fertility and ovulation cycles more easily with the aid of mobile devices?

How can we empower women to monitor their reproductive health?

The Ovatemp team knows that reproductive health and fertility monitoring can be intimidating, and that every woman has unique health needs. Whether looking to conceive or track for healthy cycles, the medically-advised team sought the most convenient way to empower individuals to not only understand what their status was, but also learn about the signals that went into a comprehensive health diagnosis. The m-health company's team was interested in using both new personal technology (via Bluetooth devices) and clinically proven health coaching and planning to create a holistic option for women.

Wireframing the onboarding flow

Because we were redesigning the existing iPhone app for Android, we had a reference point for the steps required in onboarding. However, we still went through the process of sketching out the steps required in onboarding before developing these wires.

Onboarding flow

Our product team worked closely with the company's founders to iterate and refine the user onboarding process through from wireframing into higher fidelity mocks. The onboarding flow spanned sign-up and log-in through to profile creation and pairing with the ONDO Bluetooth thermometer via Bluetooth.

Wireframing the ONDO pairing experience

The app's ability to pair with the Bluetooth ONDO thermometer to measure basal body temperature is one of Ovatemp's main features. We tried a few versions of introducing the Bluetooth pairing screen in the most minimal steps possible, without ruling out users who wanted to use the app without the paired device.

Tracking flow

The majority of the app is around the daily tracking for the user's varying fertility statuses. Out of an extensive list, we worked to prioritize and optimize for the number of data inputs to be comprehensive, but not overwhelming to discourage use. This daily view was also paired with a weekly aggregate view with trends over time.