VR/AR | 2017

Exploring a VR landscape through "Thea"

How can we immerse the player in a landscape of discovery and deprivation?

Concept Drawings

Our early drawings imagined three-level game with a few varieties on a dystopian desert landscape. The game would be set in zones, featuring a variety of dunes, salt flats, and eventually a mountainous area.


We modeled the majority of our assets in Blender and imported them into Unity.


The low-poly terrain was also modeled in Blender and imported into Unity as a terrain mesh.

Environmental Settings

We played around with a global fog and ambient occlusion to achieve an ominous effect, but ultimately chose to nix it since it didn't make much sense in a desert.

Ominous arches

Burning bridges

Poisonous crystal field

Labyrinthine canyon