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UX Best Practices

  • LukeW: A treasure trove of articles on software/product design from a thought leader in the industry
  • Boxes and Arrows: Very well-written and thoughtful articles on UX and related topics
  • UX Movement: Another very insightful UX blog that has probably covered all your burning questions (or not) already
  • UX Booth
  • IxD Checklist: Simple checklist of principles to follow with interaction design
  • UX Archive: App design examples and patterns, listed conveniently by task
  • 125 Tweaks to Optimize Your Website's Usability: An extensive collection of UI/UX best practices
  • Case Study Club: Curated collection of design case studies
  • User Onboarding: Visual examples and design teardowns of the user onboarding sequence of various apps
  • Welie Pattern Library: Very comprehensive interaction design pattern library, sorted by user needs, application needs, and design contexts (site types, experiences, page types)
  • Copywriting Tips: Copywriting is an important part of UX that is often overlooked. These are 21 tips from psychologists and linguists

UI Patterns

Graphic Design

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