Favorite Tools

Design & Prototyping

  • Sketch: The $99 favorite among UI designers, for whom this app was truly designed. Sketch App Sources offers a number of helpful templates
  • Zeplin: An indispensable speccing tool for communicating Sketch app designs to developers
  • Invision: A page-based prototyping that also comes with moodboards and style guides
  • Principle: Layer-based prototyping tool that is easy to learn, plays well with Sketch, and animates like magic

Content Management Systems

  • Kirby CMS: My favorite flat file CMS, with all the simplicity of a flat-file website generator like Jekyll, but also an easy-to-use back-end UI
  • Jekyll: A simple generator for static, blog-aware websites that is super easy to use and highly flexible
  • XAMPP (Windows) and MAMP (Mac) for running PHP-based sites (like Wordpress themes or Kirby instances) locally
  • Build Themes: A comprehensive site on how to make custom Tumblr themes

Graphic Resources

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