Product Designer / Creative Technologist / Curious Human

Jenny is a NYC-based multidisciplinary product designer and creative technologist interested in studying and reimagining the relationship between technology and society, particularly regarding social infrastructure and information ecosystems.

Her work focuses on interdisciplinary approaches to designing for complex systems, ranging from incorporating data analysis with visual programming to approaching digital governance with social science simulations. She has worked on technology strategy and design for Palantir Technologies, IDEO, Accenture Interactive, and a number of Series A start-ups.

She holds a Masters in Design Engineering from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and a B.S. in Economics (Information Management) from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton school.

Mostly meme RTs: @jennyjfan


Current projects

  • Digital Juries, democratically legitimate content moderation
  • Disinfodex, database of public disclosures on disinformation events
  • Moral Labyrinth, interactive art installation on tech and societal ethics
  • Metagovernance Seminar, interdisciplinary research collective building infrastructure for digital self-governance