Visual programming and time series analysis tool Quiver 2.0
Product Design 2020-2022
Design conference identity HarvardxDesign
Web Design 2017-2022
A shared standard for DAOs DAOstar One
Web Design 2022
Disinformation takedown database Disinfodex
Product Design 2021
Digital installation with ThreeJS Moral Labyrinth
Creative Technology 2020
Data voids whitepaper Data Voids
Research 2020
Jury duty for the internet Digital Juries
Research 2019
Design engineering studio book Health Systems
Graphic & Editorial 2019
AR-enabled puzzle pitch Decode Puzzlebox
Creative Technology 2018
Pix2Pix for police mug sketches Face2Race
Creative Technology 2018
Decentralized emergency response with LoRaWAN Node Emergency Response
Product Design 2018
Responsive retail environments with smart hangers Unsize Fits All
Creative Technology 2018
Audio-sensitive generative visualization Quantitative Aesthetics
Creative Technology 2018
Smart wearable device for ostomates Olive Smart Belt
Product Design 2017
Gerrymandering in the U.S. United States of Gerrymandering
Data Visualization 2017
Motion capture for cultural preservation Choreosome
Creative Technology 2017
VR visualization of an imagined land Thea VR
Creative Technology 2017
Sensory experience for palliative care patients Coda
Creative Technology 2017
Federal aging in place programs Aging in Place
Data Visualization 2017
Menswear subscription clothing service Bombfell
Product Design 2015-17
Interviews about the odyssey years 20/20 Interview Series
Graphic & Editorial 2013 - 2014